Roll Glue Press Machine for Pleated Buffs

CE certificated. Customized machine for rolling and pressing the fabric pleated buffing wheel.




  1. Main structure: It is composed of main body hydraulic assembly, hydraulic piping system, automatic dispenser, electrical control components, pneumatic control components, pneumatic piping system, connecting devices, etc.CE certificated.
  2. Working principle: The hydraulic system and pneumatic system are controlled by the electric control box to control the work of the main body.
  3. Operation: Put fabric-rotate fabric-glue by foot switch-clamp fabric-rotate wheel-Press-Finish
  4. Rotation of fabrics and the glue speed are both controlled by the foot switch, they work at the same time.And this speed can be adjusted by the frequency changer on panel.
  5. Glue flow quantity are controlled by valve on the glue tank.
  6. Circles of fabrics, speed of rolling fabrics, pressure are setted on the panel.


Main parameter:

»Voltage: 380V( tansfromer will be added for different countries)

»Pressure: 30 tons

»Size: 1950mmx1350mmx1900mm

»Weight: 400KG

»Inner support mold: 2 sets (3 heads each set) for free

»Buffs OD:  200-600mm

»Buffs ID:  customized