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Why should fabrics be 45° bias cut for airway buffing wheel?

Bias cut fabrics airway buffing wheel is made of bias cotton fabrics, bite fixed by iron claw. It has feature of high cutting force, good absorption capacity to the polishing wax, long service time, high heat compensator dissipation rate, excellent softness. Good polishing performance of plane surface and perfect for irregular surface, tube or crack polishing.

The airway buffing polishing wheel generally made of fine yarn cotton fabrics which is cut by 45°, and forming by special machine. It has favourable softness and slight grinding power. This kind of wheel is usually used for metal, plastic fine polishing process, and so called as mirror polishing treatment.  The airway buffing polishing wheel always made by two types of fabrics, poplin and waterproof fabric. Waterproof fabric behaves better on hardness, density and cutting grinding force, and more endurable, compare with the poplin. And prices will be higher relatively.

Advance of bias airway structure:

  1. Improve the cooling-off of workpiece surface by adding air mass flow. Better prevent the workpiece from burning. Grade of the wheel is decided by the number of the fold, the more fold in one wheel, the more air mass flow, the more hardness and thickness, the more consume of fabrics, so the prices will be higher.
  2. Can offset the chaotic grains generate on polishing process.


How to do 45° bia cut?